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    I have a 2 years old daughter that already have mind of her own. Most of the time her opinion is opposite of mine. For everything she say no. For eating – no, sleeping time – no, shower time – no… how can I make her to listen to me?

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    my child is

    You can find a lot of reading material about the horrible 2. This is one of the crucial ages in the development of the kids. They start to talk, they already can walk, they feel big, and their way of showing it is to have their own opinion. The easiest way for them of being original is to say and do opposite of what parents say. Even that a lot is written about the horrible 2, there is not a lot of advices how to handle these situations. If you will go into competition who is more stubborn, you will exhaust yourself and get very little results. The best way, like for anything else, is balance. Your daughter need to feel that her voice count, that she is a person. So for matters that are less important, like play longer in the playground, give her the feeling that she decided. In the more important matters, like sleeping time, eating, shower, you need to be strong and use the times that you let her deciding as a reminder that she have her opinion. This stage will come again during the childhood years, with the pick as the teenagers rebellion. So from this age you can build a balanced and respect relationship with your daughter, to give her the feeling, that you listen to her, and whatever is possible you let, and from the other side she have to respect your authority as a parent.

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