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    my child is

    Our son is three years old, and every evening around sleeping time, he suddenly become very active. He jump, run around and looks like he just woke up not long ago.
    We tried to delay the sleeping time, and even tried to avoid day sleeping so he will be more tired, but it didn’t help, only made it worse and he wakes up few times during the night.
    What is wrong with him?

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    my child is

    According to your story your son sounds great.
    Many parents have the same logical thinking that ‘if I will prevent sleeping from my child, he will be more tired’.
    The truth is, preventing sleep during the day and delaying sleeping time at night usually make the situation worse, because then your child is not only exhausted, his sleep will be less quality, he will wake up more times during the sleep, he will be more nervous and tired, and will be even more difficult to make him to sleep.
    When a tired child is not going to sleep on time, his body produce the adrenalin hormone, which helps the body to handle the tiredness (same happens with grownups as well). This is most likely the reason for your son sudden extra energy around sleeping time. According to the recommendations, the best time for your child to sleep is half an hour since he start to show tiredness signs. Try to start the evening sleeping ritual earlier, and most chances your son will fall asleep easier, and have a more quality sleep.

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