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    Exhausted Mother

    My son is not going to the kindergarten, and spend all day with me at home. I try to find him interesting activities so I can have time for my daily work around the house, but he can have room full of toys and still be bored and go after me all day long.
    Even from TV he is board. Do you have any advice?

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    my child is

    Hello Exhausted Mother,
    It is very common problem for kids that are not spending time with other kids like in the kindergarten.
    When kids have a lot of toys and TV the kid is not interested for any activity.
    In order for your son (and you) to pass the day easier, you can arrange a daily schedule, and split the day into many short parts.
    Also try to hide all the toys, and to give him one toy at a time, and after he finish to play with it, hide in again, so he will have chance to miss it.
    Set in the schedule specific hours for breakfast, lunch, TV watching, walks…
    Try also to share with him planning the schedule, it will give him a ‘grown up’ feeling, that he is helping to plan.
    This way he will know when to expect each activity. The day will pass faster, and feel more full and interesting for your son.

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    Exhausted Mother

    Thank you so much for the advice!
    After one week of implementing your advises both me and Billy (my son) have completely different life.
    I have much more free time for my daily choirs and I find my self with much more energy at the end of the day!

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